Youtube to Purchase Twitch

YouTube is officially opted to buy the streaming service Twitch for a reported 1 billion dollars. Variety is the source of these claims, saying that it is an all cash deal, with an official announcement being released shortly. However, an opposing report has come out of the Wall Street Journal saying that the deal is only in talks, and no agreement has been made yet. Humorously, both claim to have sources close to the deal. Obviously, it’s unknown how the service would be altered, if it all, but somehow I feel like Google+ is going to be pushed in even more places.


New Planetside 2 PS4 Screenshots

The massive multiplayer shooter Planetside 2 being developed by Sony has not yet confirmed a PS4 release date, but excutive producer Clint Worley has decided to share some screenshots of the game on PS4. Some of you may have already seen the game on the PC, and if so, the images won’t seem too new. Noteworthy only to the PS4 is the fact that there is an inclusion of a Vita in the first image. Sony has not commented on what the functionality of the Vita will be, nor what other Sony technology will be utilized. Either way, you can check out the images above and below.

planetside 2 - pack gamer

Far Cry 4 Confirmed, Release Date Announced

Far Cry 4 has recently been confirmed by Ubisoft via a financial report, and is expected to hit PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. A release date has also been confirmed, being November 18th. The game takes place in Kyrat, a fictional region of the Himalayas, which also falls under the reign of a self-appointed king. Pre-orders for the game are now available, and those who get in early will receive an upgrade to the Limited Edition, which comes with three single-player missions which focus on Hurk, a character from Far Cry 3. It would be really nice if Ubisoft could follow through on the release date, and not muck it like they did for Watch Dogs, but we will have to wait and see.

Minimum is Out Now on Steam Early Access

Atari’s item crafting MOBA Minimum is out now on Steam Early Access. This early access build gives people an idea of where the development is right now, and the plans they have for the coming months. Insert your own jokes about it being minimally developed. Minimum was actually picked up by Atari last month, with development falling to Human Head. Minimum is a 5-on-5 strategic game, where players can craft both different sets of armor and weapons. The Early Access version of Minimum is sold for $19.99.